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Machines of unmatched performance and durability for your toughest property-care tasks.

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Neuton Power

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Innovative battery-electric equipment, including America’s leading battery-powered lawn mower.

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DR Power Field and Brush Mower in a barn


It's more than just an earworm here at Country Home Products; it's how we treat one another, our customers, vendors, and the community. And frankly, it's good for business! Our employees love working here because they know that their ideas and opinions are always respected, and our customers come back to us time and time again because they appreciate the personalized attention they receive.

Country Home Products CEO Joe Perrotto


We take great pride in our products, top-notch customer service, and the community spirit that runs through our hallways. Many of us are country-dwellers ourselves, and even use the tools we sell on our own properties. It makes our work fulfilling, our business successful, and our customers happy.

Gorilla vs Banana chase on Halloween

Work hard, play hard.

It's a cliché, yes. But it's also how we do business. It's hard work developing great new tools, running a growing business, and still managing to get our own lawns mowed. So with several annual company parties, fun events every month, and a friendly community atmosphere, work and fun are two things we take very seriously!

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