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Machines of unmatched performance and durability for your toughest property-care tasks.

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Neuton Power

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Power Equipment

Innovative battery-electric equipment, including America’s leading battery-powered lawn mower.

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Lyman Wood with a roto-tiller in a garden

Where we started.

In the 1960's, one of our original founders, Lyman Wood, changed the future of American gardening by founding the company that later became known as Garden Way and developed its first product, the Troy-Bilt® Rototiller. Over the next two decades, Lyman made Troy-Bilt the number one selling rototiller in the U.S.

A few of us here at Country Home Products worked alongside Lyman in the 1960's, '70s, and early '80s, helping to sell rototillers and the gardening-centered lifestyle they helped make possible. But things changed; many Americans turned away from large gardens and we – Lyman included – left the tiller business to start a new venture. This time the focus was on helping folks care for their land and property as a whole.

DR Power Tow Behind Field and Brush Mower near a lawn chair

Who we are today.

Thus, DR Power Equipment was born. Our first product was the DR Trimmer Mower. Back then, our objective was to improve upon the hand-held string trimmer. But rather than focus on incremental advancements, we chose to radically improve the status quo. As we decided to expand our offerings, Country Home Products was created as a parent company to two separate brands: DR for high-quality, innovative power equipment for large properties and Neuton for eco-friendly equipment for smaller properties.

In August, 2015, we were acquired by Generac Power Systems, Inc. Since 1959, Generac has been a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of power generation equipment and other engine powered products. Here at Country Home Products we are excited to have an opportunity to collaborate with such a leader in power equipment design and manufacturing. Our passion is still first and foremost country living and we are committed to bringing the very best property care tools to homeowners. Because we know that with the right tool caring for your property is an unparalleled pleasure.

DR Power Field and Brush Mower near a pond

Our Vermont roots.

Our growing company is headquartered in Vermont. We make our home here for many reasons, but mainly we want to surround ourselves with what we love – a place of rural beauty with simple and traditional values. It's here that we pursue our love of the land and are inspired with some of our best new product ideas.

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